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Guardian: Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

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I like a little bit of science fiction or fantasy every now and then, but the indistinguishable plot-driven sci-fi/fantasy that normally dominate the genres doesn't grab me. So I was excited to find this list of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books that made Guardian's 1000 novels everyone must read. Apparently this is an old list, but I was so impressed with the selections that I wanted to share. Some of these are a little odd (who's ever thought of Morrison's Beloved as science-fiction?), but the list has spurred my interest in Margaret Atwood, Octavia E. Butler, and China Miéville, as well as made me curious about many authors unknown to me. Just what I needed, more books to add to my to-read list.

Any titles on the list you love or hate? And can someone please give me a psychological explanation for my obsession with lists?