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The Frangipani Hotel

The Frangipani Hotel: Fiction - Violet Kupersmith

Violet Kupersmith's debut collection, The Frangipani Hotel, has some wonderful stories. All with a touch of Vietnam, these ghost stories often blend the war era with modern times. Many are startling and creepy, but what's most impressive is the variety from one story to the next. Overall, this collection had some hits and it had its misses. There were some stories that felt unworked, perhaps even a bit juvenile; let's acknowledge that for the age and experience of the author, this is an amazing start. Kupersmith wrote this collection as an undergraduate. I expect a couple years working on the craft, receiving guidance from a mentor, and gaining more world experience will make her a literary strength to be reckoned with. An average score for The Frangipani Hotel, but I have high hopes for the author.