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Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page

Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page - Matt Kish

What a wonderful tribute to a great novel.

When I received Moby-Dick in Pictures I decided it was imperative I view the book simultaneously with Moby-Dick . With a full reading list and an uncertainty about Melville's classic work, it took a little too long to get around to it. Thumbing through these artistic interpretations, I appreciated the work, but viewing these as I believe the artist intended them to be viewed, alongside Moby Dick, made them immensely richer.

There is so much that makes Moby-Dick in Pictures amazing: the sheer scope, the variety of styles and media, the progression of the artist. Kish worked on this project for over a year, making one picture on average for every day. Looking at these pictures, you get a sense of the day the artist was having, his relationship with the words on the page, his interpret ion of Melville. You see the growth of the art from a hobby to a passion. And knowing that Kish is not a trained artist makes his art all the more meaningful; here is an artist putting a face to his love of literature with no idea what he'll find; what I believe Kish may have found in the end was a reflection of himself in the waters of Herman Melville.

Reading the introduction is a requirement to better understanding and appreciating this book. Even without this understanding, I believe the work is strong. I am eager to see what other works of art Kish produces in the future.

*Received from Goodreads' First Reads program*