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Shenanigans! - Joseph Michael Owens

I know Joseph Michael Owens. He's a great guy and conversations with him, regardless of the topic, are always interesting. Whether he's talking about string theory, tree nuts, or David Foster Wallace, Owens has such a passion for life that it's difficult not to listen.

Owens' voice comes through strong in Shenanigans!. No matter the subject—and he covers a wide variety of subjects here from nunchucks and lasagna, to love and cancer—Owens yanks in the reader. With a tone that is both casual and exciting, Owens approaches life's big issues with humility and its more trivial matters with great expertise.

Charming. Funny. Aching. Insightful. Gentle. In a mere 100 pages, Owens' voice parades around in the dress of so many adjectives it's like a game of Apples to Apples. These stories are so many things because they vibrate with life. This collection is a genuine conversation with its author; even if I didn't know Joseph Michael Owens, after reading Shenanigans! I believe I would feel like I did