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[Refuge]e - Adnan Mahmutovic, Armin Osmancević [Refuge]e is a photo album of words. Short stories and poems come together, creating snapshots of the Bosnian experience shortly after the Bosnian War. Those looking for a complete story will be disappointed. Even though the book largely follows one girl, Almasa, a Bosnian refugee, there isn't much of a story here; yet [Refuge]e speaks volumes.Mahmutovic's language in this book is wonderful. The pieces are moving. It is well worth the short time (the book is only 90 pages) it takes to invest in this work. While I would've enjoyed it a bit more had the various pieces fit together into a tighter, more cohesive story, I am not disappointed. Almasa's story is one of disjointedness. And seeing her life in these snapshots only seems appropriate.