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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth - Ian McEwan

Oh yeah, I haven't written a review yet for this book. I sort of forgot. Normally I forget to write reviews because I'm super busy. Yes, I have been busy lately, but that's not the only reason I forgot to write a review. Truthfully, I sort of forgot this book.

I like Ian McEwan and I like what he's trying to do in this book. The idea is good. The implementation almost works. But the delivery and the characters—well, they left much to be desired.

To illustrate this point, let me present two graphs. Here is my progress for this book. It is compiled automatically by our friends over at Goodreads based on data I enter.

Ironically, the chart I compiled for my interest in this book bears similarity to my progress chart, but tipped.

What either of these charts have to do with exactly, I don't know, but since I forgot what this book was even about, I feel like I need some filler.

Truth is, despite McEwan's wonderful use of prose and his ability to form stories out of far-reaching ideas, Sweet Tooth didn't catch my interest. He's a great writer, but this one didn't work for me.

Is it true what some are saying, that this is his most ambitious novel since Atonement? Perhaps. But note that “ambitious” is not synonymous with any of the following words: satisfying, magical, endearing, beautiful, memorable...