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Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems

Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems - Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

I never have much to say about poetry. I liked it. I didn't. This poem resonated with me. This one didn't. Though I studied poetry for longer than I have studied prose, I feel it's harder to speak constructively of poetry. Either it works for me, or it doesn't. If it resonates, I'll probably have more to say. This review will not be an exception.

I don't like to judge poetry, but I do feel that in the case of Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems, too many poems were lackluster. There are some great poems in here. Some that really stood out. But the majority fell under two categories: 1) written well, but lacking texture; 2) didn't I read this poem my first year in undergrad? If you ask me, this is not the best sample of Kansas poetry.

That being said, there are some wonderful poems in this collection. There were about twenty really great poems. Favorites included poems by Maril Crabtree, Ramona McCallum, Amy Fleury, Steven Hind, Hazel Smith Hutchinson, and Melissa Sewell.