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Daughter of Fortune: A Novel

Daughter of Fortune - Margaret Sayers Peden, Isabel Allende Isabel Allende's Daughter of Fortune starts out slow, but that doesn't last long. In fact, after the first one hundred pages, one might wonder how Allende was able to cram so much story in the remainder of the novel.Despite its brevity, Daugther of Fortune has an epic feeling. The story takes place in the 1840s and ties together three worlds, Chile, China, and the American West. Allende's insight into these cultures is vivid and insightful.The novel follows Eliza Sommers, a young orphan who is raised in Chile. She is taught the Victorian ways, but falls in love with Joaquin Andieta, a poor mover. When Joaquin leaves for California to find gold, Eliza follows him with aid from her friend, Tao Chi'en, a young Chinese doctor.Allende utilizes some very lovable characters. Each is on the fringe of believability, but is within reason. Other than __, whom too much time is spent on, it is hard to tire from this cast of characters.