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Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters

Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters - John Steinbeck As a fan of East of Eden and the work of John Steinbeck in general, I loved this book. There is so much insight into what I consider the most brilliant work of fiction ever crafted. With all the cuts that were made to the final product of East of Eden, it's sometimes difficult to tell whether Steinbeck was really dabbling in Postmodernism or not. Journal of Novel makes it clear that he was. And for that, I love this man.For the writer, there are some wonderful bits of advice in Journal, but it's probably not worth reading the entire work. Essentially, Steinbeck's philosophy could be summed up as "do what you feel is right and don't give a damn what anyone says."For the layman, there isn't much here. After all, Journal of a Novel is a series of letters written to a friend (and editor). Steinbeck repeatedly says things like "I have to go use the toilet now." Now, for me, I care. 'Cause I want to know about every bowel movement John Steinbeck had. But you, you probably don't care.I'd only recommend this book for those who have a passion for East of Eden. It'll add some color to an already wonderful story.