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The Crying of Lot 49

The Crying of Lot 49 (Perennial Classics) - Thomas Pynchon Typically, I have little trepidation expressing my feelings about a book--I like it, I didn't like it, and here's why. With The Crying Lot of 49, however, I'm not sure what to say. Not because I don't know how I felt about--not entirely, anyway. More so, because I know a great many people whose opinions I generally agree with--or at least understand--who love this book.So rather than rant on and on about why this book didn't work for me, I'd like to open it up to others and have an actual conversation about this novel. I know that's not what I'm supposed to do here, but I'm going to anyway. What's the worst that will happen? Goodreads will revoke my librarian status? Wait, that would suck.Sure, I agree that Pynchon is an intelligent writer, and that there is quite a bit of wit in this pages. Overall, however, I found it to be a tedious and pretentious read. Now, rather than ramble on about that, I want to hear from you. What did I miss? Why do you love Pynchon? And were The Paranoids really necessary?