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The Tempest (The Pelican Shakespeare)

The Tempest - Stephen Orgel, A.R. Braunmuller, Peter Holland, William Shakespeare For the past year, the fates have been telling me I needed to read William Shakespeare's final work The Tempest. Alright fates, I did it! Now you can shove it!!!Honestly, I was disappointed. There was so much potential in this one, but it was as though Shakespeare, “The Man,” was giving up. Great premise, great setting, great characters with witty dialogue, but why, Prospero? Why do you relent so easily? Ferdinand, what do you see in Miranda? What was the point of it all, Shakespeare? It wasn't clear. These characters just could not convince me of this world.The ending was classic. C-L-A-S-S-I-C. It seems “The Man” knew he was retiring. Having the magician, Prospero—possibly a reflection of Shakespeare himself—address the audience was brilliant. He explains his mission was to entertain, begs pardon for all his wrongs, and asks to be set free. Loved it.If only the rest of the play could have been so affecting and clever. Nonetheless, I thank The Man for his entertainment, forgive him his wrongs, and set him free. Run, Shakespeare run.