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Dune: House Harkonnen

House Harkonnen  - Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson If you’ve read my review of House Atreides, then you’ve pretty much read my review of House Harkonnen. Herbert and Anderson haven’t changed much from one book to the next. How regrettable.One difference is a glaring one, and it is annoying as hell: The authors feel the need to constantly remind the reader of everything that happened in the preceding book. Everything. And its not done with subtlety, either; out of nowhere, they retell the plot of the first book in a journalistic style. Then 100 pages later, they rehash the exact same story. This might be fine if the audience was grade school kids who may get lost with the plot in such massive volumes, but I think this idea would be selling children short.The plot of House Harkonnen didn’t seem as interesting as its predecessor’s did. My greatest fear concerning its story is that I know it will all be rehashed in House Corrino. As I’m sure House Atreides will be as well. It makes me wonder if they’ll even be a story in House Corrino, or will it be like one of those cheap flashback episodes far too many television shows have used over the years?Surprisingly, I still have great hopes for Frank Herbert’s Dune and I am anxious to read this science-fiction great. Unfortunately, I have not an iota of faith in Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson’s collaboration.