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The Hostile Hospital

The Hostile Hospital  - Brett Helquist, Lemony Snicket

What more can I say about this series that I haven't already? So The Hostile Hospital was certainly one of the better book in the series so far. What I liked most about it was that Klaus and Sunny had to fend for themselves for a time. It changed the dynamics and forced Sunny to engage in more dialogue—more Sunny dialogue is always a plus.


Otherwise, it was much of the same antics and absurdities told in a fun way. After eight books, I can confidently say I do not love this series. Yet, I cannot help but need to continue to read them. My kids, on the other hand, have absolutely loved them.


A Series of Unfortunate Events:
The Bad Beginning3.1
The Reptile Room3.2
The Wide Window3.6
The Miserable Mill - 3.3
The Austere Academy - 3.4
The Ersatz Elevator - 3.3
The Vile Village - 3.1

The Hostile Hospital - 3.4