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Review: In Between Days

In Between Days - Andrew  Porter

In Between Days by Andrew Porter is a suspenseful family drama. An accurate, if labored, portrayal of the modern American family, In Between Days is not for those readers looking for a feel-good story. It is the kind of family drama that is dipped in a thick coating of dread. You know from the earliest chapters that one event will lead to another, and little, if anything, good can come of this tale. Porter certainly walks the plausibility line in regards to “how much bad can descend on one family,” but he sprinkles in hope when it is most needed and keeps things from become overly bleak.


The characters weren't necessarily likable or extremely memorable, but they were worth my attention. They were interesting and I wanted to grow with them. Unfortunately, the characters didn't grow or change much during the coarse of the novel. Plot is the central focus here and—having had such great characters to start with, in addition to my bias toward character-driven novels—this left me disappointed. Readers who enjoy plot-centric stories and don't mind heavy drama will love this book and the places it takes them. There are enough thrills and twists to sustain most fiction readers. Despite wishing it had gone in a different direction, I concur that In Between Days showed off Porter's talents. Although it doesn't sound like a hearty endorsement, this novel stands above the average and may point to an exciting future for its author.