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Spirits of Oz

Spirits of Oz - Miranda Ericsson Kendall, B. R. Knight, Paul Swearingen, L. J. Williams, Marian Rakestraw, Aimee L. Gross, Jak Kendall, Sky Kendall, Rose Pennock, Chris Blocker, Roxanna Namey, Romualdo Chavez, Lissa Staley

One of the goals I have set for myself as a writer is to never grow stagnant. My skills only go so far, but whenever possible, I like to try new things. So when I was approached earlier this year about contributing to a collaborative, paranormal book geared toward preteens, I was hesitant, but excited. Here was my chance to do something wildly different, but was it too different? I'd never written collaboratively. Never for children. And to describe any of my stories as paranormal would be a stretch. Nevertheless, I consented. And once I was in, I was glad to be a part of the project.


Just in time for Halloween, I present Spirits of Oz, a collaborative novel of ten chapters, one of which was written by me.


Nico and Lola Espiritu have all the usual problems of 12 year olds—spelling tests, parents, sibling rivalry. Their parents are paranormal investigators who star in a struggling reality TV show, so for the most part the twins take the supernatural in stride. Then things really get spooky. The Spirits of Oz reach out for help to prevent an impending disaster, and it’s the kids they contact, not the adults. Are they brave enough to take on an otherworldly quest? Can they save the show, and maybe even the world?