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May 2019
reviewed: Review: Duma Key
Know when you're finished, and when you are, put your pencil or your paintbrush down.- Stephen King Duma KeyI may not be your...
Duma Key - Stephen King
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reviewed: Review: Bel Canto
This novel is as lyrical, engaging, and wonderfully charactered as you've heard. The epilogue is also as terrible as you've h...
Bel Canto - Ann Patchett
May 2019
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May 2019
Yeah I was going to update my 15 % progress in the Harry Dresden Book #5 when I realized I'm listing to #7 . Time to start o...
reviewed: Review: Light from Other Stars
Sometimes you go into a story with a certain expectation. I approached Light from Other Stars this way. Somewhere I'd gotten ...
Light from Other Stars - Erika Swyler
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May 2019
reviewed: Review: Zoo Nebraska
Zoo Nebraska is the captivating story of a zoo in Royal, Nebraska (pop.81 75 59), a town likely forever associated with the z...
Zoo Nebraska - Carson Vaughan
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May 2019
I don't pre-order a lot of books but for The Girl in the Tower, I was prepared to make an exception - I'd first read (and ver...
The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden is the second book in the Winternight Trilogy. Vasya finds herself in a situation wh...
reviewed: Review: The Girl in the Tower
I’ll say this, The Girl in the Tower nears perfection. The Bear and the Nightingale was a fine novel, but I felt it was layin...
The Girl in the Tower - Katherine Arden
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reviewed: Review: Bangkok Wakes to Rain
Three stories into Bangkok Wakes to Rain, I had a bad feeling about the “novel.” You see, there's been this trend in publishi...
Bangkok Wakes to Rain - Pitchaya Sudbanthad
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