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BINGO Blackout!

I tend not to do reading games. I feel they too often get in the way of reading what I really want to read. The problem is "reading what I want to read" often means I get stagnant in my choices. So when the option arose to do Reading Bingo with my co-workers this year, I decided to participate.



I don't know if the game really stretched my reading choices much. It did push me to read books sooner than I otherwise would have in order to fill a square. For instance, I desperately needed a book with non-human characters and there were so few I could think of that a) I had any desire whatsoever to read and b) that I hadn't already read, that I decided to give China Mieville another go even though I'd only just finished another book of his prior to this and wasn't quite ready to jump into another. Anyway, here's how my completed card looked.


Reading Bingo
Little Big The Street Tenants On Such a Full Sea number9dream
Frangipani Hotel Embassytown Lamb Good Hard Look Cuckoos Calling
Ruby The UnAmericans UnAmericans O Africa Holler If You Hear Me
Ghostwritten The Swan Gondola The Devil in the White City Family Life Save Yourself
The Red Tent Annihilation The Cement Garden Runaway Horses The Dog Stars


Each image links to my review so if you're curious what I thought, click away. Of these, I'd say Ruby by Cynthia Bond was my favorite.

As for doing another reading game, it's something I'd consider down the road. For now, I've got to catch up on my normal to-read list.

Have you ever done a reading game like this? Did you like participating?