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While I'm Falling

While I'm Falling - Laura Moriarty

I like Laura Moriarty. I really do. She's really, really nice and her first novel, The Center of Everything, was quite good. I had a lot of hopes for her. I scooped her second novel up right away. Huge disappointment. And when the third, While I'm Falling came out, I was slow to buy it and even slower to get around reading it. Word came out that a fourth novel was on its way, so I thought I better get to it.


Did I mention I really like Laura Moriarty? 'Cause I do. It's just that The Center of Everything was good; and The Rest of Her Life (TRoHL) and While I'm Falling (WIF) were not.

Now, this review is about WIF, but it easily applies to TRoHL. And since I didn't write a review for the earlier book, this counts as a review for both. The problem with both books is that there isn't much of a story. There's potential for a story, but it just never develops into anything that should be longer than thirty pages. Another problem with both novels is that they're filled with unlikable characters. I don't mean characters that are bad human beings, because those can be fun; rather, characters that are incessantly whiny in an annoying way and bring nothing of quality to the world of literature. Imagine a book about Bella Swan having a bad week: That's the premise of WIF. WTF?

Despite having been so disappointed two times in a row, I am still a fan of Moriarty's. I think she definitely has potential and I can't help but blame some outside force for the decline. I will be reading The Chaperone when it is released in June. Something tells me this will be the one that brings her out of her slump.

I still believe in you, Laura.