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Apocalypse 2012: A Scientific Investigation into Civilization's End

Apocalypse 2012: A Scientific Investigation into Civilization's End - Lawrence E. Joseph I love a good conspiracy. I don't believe them all, so I probably couldn't be labeled a conspiracy nut, but if there is strong evidence favoring one, I'll let my logical mind pick it apart and try to find some truth. Enter the prophecies concerning December 21, 2012: a multi-faceted prediction in Mayan culture and repeated in several other cultures throughout the earth dating back many centuries that the earth would experience some great change on this date. With only four years remaining, I decided it was time to see what humanity might have coming.There are many books on the subject, but I selected Joseph's because it seemed the least likely to jump into a metaphysical journey of repentance. It was subtitled as being "a scientific investigation," after all. Unfortunately for Joseph, you cannot really present a "scientific" argument for prophecies concerning the future and this claim has upset many in the science community, but at least an attempt to use scientific data was made.The blurb for Apocalypse 2012 will lead you to believe that Joseph effectively uses humor to counter his doomsday message. Don't be mistaken. There is absolutely nothing funny about this book. Most of the scenarios the author presents as likely fulfillment of the 2012 prediction parallel McCarthy's The Road—a million laughs a minute. Don't be dismayed, however, as many of these possible scenarios seem an attempt to stretch the truth and the book's length to a bestseller.Unfortunately, not all seem outside of the realm of possibility. Especially in regards to astronomical causes, there are many eery "coincidental" phenomenon expected to happen late in 2012, some having been pinpointed to happen exactly on 12/21/12. Joseph does a descent job of illustrating these, but having focused so much on the unlikely events (e.g. a terrorist group setting a bomb under Yellowstone, for example) takes away from the good points he does have.Apocalypse 2012 is a good primer for the prophecy of December twenty-first. He explains the prediction itself and many interpretations of it. He even talks to living descendants of the Mayans to find out their views on the subject. All in all, Joseph has written probably one of the most believable and mainstream books concerning 2012. Regrettably, if something does go down in 2012, this book is probably not convincing enough to make anyone run for the hills.Review from The Literary Snob