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Review: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

So I read this book called The Fault in Our Stars. I think it might be a thing some day. It was a tad predictable and light in places, perhaps a bit manipulative, but overall, I liked it. In fact, I’ve got to say that out of all the YA (Young Adult peoples) books I’ve read (which in truth is not many), it’s my favorite. It actually had some semblance of intelligence and a logical story and character development and those things that I think a story should have an inkling of. Yeah, it’s a sad story, and I got teary eyed a few times, but I never got weepy with this one (and I’m a weepy kind of guy). I think it’s just a bit too formulaic to get my tear ducts going, but it certainly tried. I’m glad this book exists because if those young peoples we hear so much about these days are going to read something, I figure this is ten times better than a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, I doubt young people will read this book. It doesn’t seem like their kind of thing. Too many literary references and not enough vampires. Yeah, and it could probably use a romantic subplot or something... so cold.